Facebook have been making billions through showing relevant ads to their users. So, how do they show relevant ads to their users? The answer is the data. They collect, analyze and then utilizes the data of its more than 1 billion users. This is the power of the data. Not every company is capable of collecting, sorting and then analyzing that much amount of data on their own.

At Datatude we help companies like you to get real insights from the heap of data over the World Wide Web. We collect, sort and then analyze that data for you so that you can make necessary decisions about your business.

  Competitor & Price Intelligence

Every business has to keep an eye on the competition within the market. This is not a onetime haphazard process. It requires a systematic approach on periodical basis. The competitors give you real insights about market trends and happenings. Keep your business up to the mark with real time insights collected through our fast and sound data mining techniques.


   Competitor Geo Monitoring

Place is the third element of a marketing mix. It is very important for your businesses to know the exact place and locations of your competitors’ production houses, stores and warehouses. Our real time data collection techniques can help you to capture and monitor the store locations of your competition. You can play your cards better if you get the true picture of your competitors’ most up-to-date information through their websites. Imagine the possibilities.

  Data Aggregation

It is very important to get the right information out of huge set of data. Our data aggregation formulas are set to find the most valuable insights from heaps of data. It also turns the data into centralized, normalized, and matched insights as per your business’ needs.

  Advanced Data Extraction

The web has evolved a lot in recent years and so is the data along with it. The data extraction from the World Wide Web is a challenging task. Businesses need fast and smart data warehouses that can extract useful data in no time. At DATATUDE we take great pride in doing precisely that with an affordable price. We have a team of data extraction experts, so you can focus on your core business that provides you the real value.

  Web Data Mining

The data mining requires handling of complex algorithms and queries. However, there are no hard and fast rules for data mining. Each data mining request is different due to the nature of the businesses. Only a handful of data warehouses can understand the differences and work accordingly. At DATATUDE we have huge and vast clientele which showcase our expertise in handling various kinds of data mining algorithms and queries.


We take great pride in offering fully customized solutions as per your business needs. We understand the needs and requirements of businesses and work accordingly. We develop specific algorithms and queries which yield best results as per our client’s requirements.


  • Competitor & Price Intelligence

  • Competitor Geo Store Location Monitoring

  • Advanced Data Extraction

  • Data Mining & Aggregation

Get your hands on the business insights from the real time data

We offer customized data mining solution which gives you business insights in a jiffy. With our fast and smart data mining techniques, you will never miss an important insight again. Get yourself more time for strategic thinking rather than collecting, merging and then analyzing data from different web sources. We collect data from e-commerce shopping lists to business directory websites. We perform best quality check to remove any duplicates.

Customized data mining to meet your needs & expectations

At Datatude we work to become market’s leading data warehouse. We are our client’s first choice for software development, production and sales of innovative automation products, and the supply of appertaining services due to the highest level of knowledge and quality.

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Compete & Win like never before

The best way to win against a competition is to learn more about them. We will help you do that. Our data mining algorithms and queries will help you compare competitor prices, provide monitoring services, and schedule tasks based on your preferences for each competitor. Our algorithms help you detect competitor’s data on new and removed products, price changes, and trends. Our managed service model frees you up from time-consuming tasks such as software installation, learning the interface, script writing, web crawler agent building, and maintenance

Turn information into Knowledge

Our data mining techniques, algorithms and queries turns information into useful knowledge. This knowledge helps you take important decision regarding your product and business. Help us grow you business exponentially!

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